Shitposts Weekly (2018/09/15)

Medium articles neither rare nor well-done for the week ending 15 September 2018.

Seven Things Everyone (Especially Americans) Should Know About 21st Century Political Economy: An asshole assumes all Americans are fuckwits who don’t know anything about anything. There’s nothing actually insightful here, it’s just this asshole pretending Republican propaganda pieces are mainstream American discourse and letting loose a seemingly endless verbal diarrhoea.

Travel Is No Cure for the Mind: An artist reminds us that the grass only appears to be greener on the other side, it usually actually isn’t. He uses way too many pictures to illustrate his point; does he think we’re children?

Why you shouldn’t share your goals: A webshit tells a fable, the fable supposedly being “don’t sell yourself before you have something to sell”. In reality, it’s more along the lines of “don’t be an egotistical shit”.

25 fun questions for a machine learning interview: A person who should know better poses a bunch of questions for the latest iteration of the “iteratively build a filter on this firehose” buzzword bingo square.

Is the Price of Bitcoin Based on Anything at All?: A professional shitposter asks a rhetorical question. Or, I’m assuming it was supposed to be rhetorical, because any idiot who’s passed Economics 101 understands that Bitcoin is a fiat currency that differs from government-backed fiat currencies only in that a bunch of fuckwits and trust fund kids are propping it up in order to scam each other out of real money. The shitpost is only tangentially about Bitcoin, however; it instead looks at Tether, a money-laundering scheme that appears to be the main reason cryptocurrencies are a thing.

Chasing the Bitcoin Boys in the Crypto Capital of the World: A town was taken over by hipsters. A “Bitcoin ATM” is discussed. My brain cramps processing the monumental stupidity involved. Is there some way we can ensure this shithole gets nuked first if World War III ever happens?

The Way to Fix the Gig Economy: A person who should know better not only assumes the gig economy is a good thing, but also asserts that it can be fixed. There is nothing positive about app-driven pseudo-contracting; Uber & Lyft are contributing to an increase in greenhouse emissions from automobiles while ‘disrupting’ a trade that’s run by companies who are every bit as shitty as Uber was under Travis K.

Silk Road: A Cautionary Tale about Online Anonymity: A fuckwit who drank the cryptocurrency kool aid incorrects everyone about how the dark web works and the terminology involved.

Our Crisis of Heart: A Buddhist thinks compassion is the cure to the problems caused by capitalism. Unfortunately, compassion is not the problem. The inability of the compassionate to run for and win political office is the real issue, and micro-solutions such as teaching people compassion does not generally effect macro-scale change. Ask any vegan how their personal choices are changing the world. (The smart ones will admit that they don’t.)

Reality TV Mattered, and We Should Have Realized It: A professional grifter pretends to have something meaningful to say…but it’s buried so far up the grifter’s ass that you won’t find it before you quit reading in disgust. This shitpost has the same nihilistic assumptions about America that underlie the dumpster fires the asshole I opened this week with puts out.

Rare articles which are well-done.

The Capitalist Origins of the Myers-Briggs Personality Test: An English professor delves in to the history of the Myers-Briggs personality test, and just how much of a load of shit it actually is.

American Daredevil: A professional shitposter provides a short biography of a colossal fuckwit.

The Prepper Moms: A professional shitposter and Vice alumna documents a bunch of women who drank the doomsday cult kool-aid.

Notes to myself on software engineering: A programmer publishes a bunch of tips that won’t be read by anyone who needs to.

Nuance: A Love Story: A journalist takes a deep dive into YouTube, specifically the part populated by a bunch of fuckwits who think they’re smart while actually being complete and utter wastes of resources better allocated to charitable causes.

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