Shitposts Weekly (2018/09/01)

Medium articles neither rare nor well-done for the week ending 01 September 2018.

Why Everyone Should Watch Less News: A self-help booklet is tired of outrage culture. His solution is, of course, to cut the news out entirely. You don’t have to live under a rock to escape outrage culture, however; subscribe to your local newspaper, maybe watch your local cable news affiliate (ABC, Fox, and NBC all still partner with local channels). And, above all, cut national news sites and channels out of your life. I mean, you can still, and ought to, read books.

A quick introduction to web security: A webshit talks about web insecurity. This is not a pro click, however, as nowhere does he suggest the following: don’t do anything online if you can possibly avoid doing so.

Why is a Java guy so excited about Node.js and JavaScript?: A webshit talks about the biggest mistake they ever made. The double-take of realization still hasn’t struck, if this long, wet fart is anything to go by.

Potential Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Is Suddenly Horny: A massive piece of shit somehow manages to make part of the internet a Superfund site.

Depression and Metaphysics: A journo shits out woo and helps to reinforce the myth that Alcoholics Anonymous is actually effective (twelve-step programs are woefully understudied and cannot claim to be efficacious).

Fortnite Is so Much More Than a Game: A gamer tries to justify his love affair with a game. It comes across about as well as you would expect: gustily, with a faint odor of Dorito dust in the air.

Game Over: An ex-gamer explores his exit from gaming due to badly fucking up his work/life balance. See a therapist, please. This isn’t healthy.

Rare articles which are well-done.

The Trump Cult?: An author talks about cults.

I Didn’t See a Thing: The perennial “our brains are easy to fool” article makes an appearance, this one on inattentional blindness.

It’s All Fun and Games Until You Run Out of Coins: A professional maker of poor life choices makes some poor life choices.

Another pair of accounts about life as a person of colour.

What Really Kills Most Startups: A webshit reports the blindingly obvious: most startups fail due to personal problems or toxic work cultures.

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