Shitposts weekly (2018/07/07)

Medium articles neither rare nor well-done for the week ending 07 July 2018.

The psychology of selling: A copywriter writes copy about marketing, based on advertising books he read and his own experience running a small copywriting company.

How not to be a mediocre developer!: A developer from a country whose tech industry optimizes for “least fucks given” coding talks about how to suck less. Advice given includes “write more code”, “write tests”, and “don’t be fucking lazy”. At no point is it suggested that programmers write a fucking design document before writing any fucking code.

Learn these JavaScript fundamentals and become a better developer: A webshit shits out a JavaScript primer that is worse than both JavaScript for Dummies and w3schools.

How to make your code readable: A webshit tries to educate others about readable code. PEP 8, despite being Python-oriented, is a much more productive use of your time.

The Mental and Metaphysical Effects of Microdosing LSD: A German hippie claims to take LSD but is instead taking a biosimilar because the expert on making the real thing is dead. She claims doctors and therapists weren’t able to help her with her problems; unfortunately, the reality of psychotherapy is that it only works for people who want to change.

The Unlikely Revival of Electrocution Therapy: A patient learns about electroshock therapy for non-psychiatric uses. The resulting shitpost should not be considered medical advice and the reader should most definitely talk to a licensed physical therapist instead of taking a rando’s word for the effectiveness of such therapy.

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