Shitposts monthly (2018-07): Future Human

"Premium" selections from the monthly special for July 2018.

Silicon Valley’s Latest Lifehack: Death: A journalist writes about Vulture Capitalism Valley’s obsession with death, with a who’s-who of rich morons who appear to idolize Voldemort.

Would You Let Your Boss Put a Chip in Your Body?: A journalist documents the development of idiots willing to build a dystopian future where governments implant tracking devices into babies for life-long mass surveillance. The first few generations are, of course, incapable of being tracked, because that would give away the plot.

How Facial Recognition Could Tear Us Apart: An MIT researcher is interviewed regarding authoritarian regimes’ holy grail. Competent people need to nip this shit in the bud, before it can be used by fascists to kill democracy and a bunch of people.

Magic Pills, Machine-Learning Skincare, and the Future of Health: A journalist looks at technology the plebes can only dream of (because it’s not like they’ll be able to afford it anytime soon).

The Chinese Buddhist Billionaire Who Wants to Fix Your Brain: A billionaire experienced the toxicity of startup culture before it went mainstream. His solution? Fixing the brain, rather than startup culture.

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