Shitposts Weekly

Medium articles neither rare nor well-done for the week ending 4th March 2022.

Putin’s Attack on Ukraine Shows the Danger of Believing Your Own Hype: A veteran and baby lawyer plays at writing about politics, starting with a complete misunderstanding of how Putin got in charge. (Hint: It’s because we sent capitalists in to stripmine the country after the fall of the USSR.) Moreover, the sheer scope of corruption and self-dealing in Russia is somehow missing from this analysis.

World War III Has Already Started, and You’re Fighting It: An ROI shits out a hot take about the Russo-Ukrainian war. She compares Putin to Stalin (nevermind that Stalin would have eaten Putin for breakfast, without salt). The only correct statement in here is that it is capitalism’s fault. But characterizing the contemporary era as ‘dark times’ is fascist talk, and degrowth is not a magic spell you can just chant and make everything better.

Watching the War Won’t Stop It: A professional shitposter lets rip a long, wet fart about his reaction to the Russo-Ukrainian war. Long story short: read positive things, not just negative things. Short story long: this shitpost.

Work on the 5-9 Until the 9-5 Becomes a Side Hustle: A professional shitposter lets rip a long, wet fart about turning a side-gig in to a main gig. Most of this is self-help tripe, and so not valuable or interesting.

Rare articles which are well-done.

No, the War in Ukraine Isn’t Because of Pronouns: A journalist writes about how the transphobes are having an extremely normal one this week. It’d be nice if we could stop giving those people oxygen, but until then, articles like this are a must-read.

Four Things I Learned While Working at an Animal Shelter: An ROI writes about their experiences as an adoption counselor.