Shitposts Weekly (2018/11/24)

Medium articles neither rare nor well-done for the week ending 24 November 2018.

The Complete JavaScript Handbook: A webshit shits a massive webshit. If you really want to learn about JavaScript, find a book that covers ECMAScript 6 and doesn’t proselytize about node.js.

What I learned about procrastination while scaling my startup to 4.2 million users: A webshit rips a long, wet fart about their capitalist webshit factory.

10 Data Structure, Algorithms, and Programming Courses to Crack Any Coding Interview: A sentient cuppa joe reviews ten courses, nine of which are on Udemy. Instead of dealing with this shit, print out a set of basic programming challenges on to cardstock, throw the cards into a hat or whatever, and practice solving them on a whiteboard. The goal here is to model problem-solving, so focus on that.

JavaScript Frameworks, Performance Comparison: A webshit shits webshit about webshit performance. Protip: none of this actually matters, just pick a framework that works for you, and try to avoid “does everything” frameworks.

Why This Fashion CEO Wakes Up at 5:45 Every Morning: A writer talks to a rich person about their health habits. Yawn. Stop writing about rich people. Write about people who actually work for a living.

How to Make Time for In-Between Sized Projects: A writer claims to have tips for moderately-sized projects. I have a much shorter tip: break down projects into manageable chunks, make a list of tasks, and then pick one at random (e.g. by rolling a 20-sided die). Keep going until you’re done, or roll over the tasks on to the next day’s todo list.

John Green Is Ready To Love Everything He Loves: A pair of writers interview a writer about the writer’s taste in music.

How Great Writing Begins: A rich asshole meta-writes. The key to great writing is…writing. Write a lot. Practice. Run your writing past other writers. Refine it. Absolutely don’t waste your time reading this shitpost, however.

Rare articles which are well-done.

How to Design for the Modern Web: A developer waxes sarcastic about web design dark and anti-patterns.

My Story as a Homeless Developer: A developer writes about their history as a homeless person.

It’s Time for a Progressive Reading of the Constitution: A dean of a law school thinks leftists need to present their own reading of the Constitution, to counterbalance the right’s claim to originalism. I agree.

How a Freed Slave Wrote the Playbook for People Power: A writer takes a look at a 19th-century socialist.

Democrats Need to Get Comfortable With Power: A writer points out the blindingly obvious.

The Case for a Low-Carb Diet Is Stronger Than Ever: A doctor looks at a new theory of obesity.

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